We’re in love with van dwelling, road trips, and the lifestyle that “van life” represents: freedom, nature, and adventure. We have built this community as a way to connect people who share our way of seeing the world, and those who may seem interested in exploring this lifestyle further. This is the reason for why we are here. This is the reason for why we do what we do. The world is our playground.

These are stories of people who were not satisfied with what they were supposed to do and wished to pursue what really makes them happy. These are stories of people who grab every minute of their lives and squeeze the moments. These are stories of people who explore the world while living out of their vans. Visual Stories on the Road is a collection of their stories, their legacy.

That’s it!

We are a van life and road trip community. This is not necessarily for people who live full time on the road, but it is also for those who would want to discover alternative ways of living. We will tell these stories, but we will also try to show the full picture of van life. Sometimes, what people see on Instagram or Facebook is only the beautiful half of it. We’ll write about the nitty gritty, the practical stuff, and share tips of how to face road life obstacles. We hope that we here at Visual Stories on the Road will be able to help you find whatever information you are searching for in regards to van life. There is room for everybody.